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TimeTalk and TalkTalk questions !!!

We have set up an action group to try and have TimeTalk Burnley shut down or at least stop trading. We noticed that TalkTalk has blocked Timetalks webpage, can you say why this has been done I expect it is because of their slamming practices but would you to confirm this? My father who’s nearly 80 had been with TalkTalk for 6 years without any problems or complaints, 12 weeks ago his broadband was switched off, it turns out that TimeTalk Burnley had high jacked the broadband line and switched him over to their services without him really knowing what had happened. He still has no broadband and he needs it because he had a kidney transplant about 9 months ago and gets all his hospital appoints by email. Why did you allow TimeTalk to take the account over without a MAC number ? I have been contacted by a lot more angry people who have been duped by this company their individual tales are heart-breaking so we have formed a an action group on Twitter and facebook and @timetalkAG can you help us form a case against these conmen ? Let us know how many people have been switched over without consent, etc. so we can let others know just what kind of people they are? My email is

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Re: TimeTalk and TalkTalk questions !!!

Mac codes are not used for migrating llu lines only for ipstreem services. As such any providers can telp bt they are transfering your line over to there service and there is little talktalk can do to stop it as they don't know who is taking over The line They don't get this info from bt openreach 

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Re: TimeTalk and TalkTalk questions !!!

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Ofcom are increasingly taking a dim view of slamming and have very large penalties they can enforce on ISPs who do this. Complain to Ofcom direct using this webpage and link for advice.