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TT D-Link DSL-2640R modem to Linksys Router

I'd like to get some clarification from other posts here on a similar subject, please.


I have a D-Link DSL-2640R Modem Router and want it use a Linksys EA6700 router.


On the D-Link interface, under the ‘Manual ADSL Connection Setup’ I believe I have to set the connection to ‘BRIDGE MODE’, under Wireless Set-up untick the ‘Enable Wireless’ and LAN Setup untick the ‘Enable DHCP Server’.


As the D-Link DSL-2640R has no WAN port at the back, the only option is to connect to the Linksys from the LAN port. Is this all I have to do?


Do I need to make any changes under the PPOE/PPOA Internet Connection Type window? Somewhere I read that I should have PPPoA as this is what TalkTalk uses, but if I set the D-Link to Bridge Mode then should I make changes to the connection type (currently PPPoA VC-Mux).


Thanks you.