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Charged a YouView Box Deferred Fee £100 when upgrading my package

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Bill No TT0260340215


I have just upgraded from the Essentials TV package to the Plus TV package and having checked my latest bill I have been charged a YouView Box Deferred Fee of £100. What is this charge for as I haven't cancelled my TalkTalk service just upgraded the package.


On returning my old Essentials TV YouView box will I be credited the £100?

If so it seems a little unfair that I have been charged £100 for upgrading my package, I could understand a charge if I hadn't returned my old box with in 30 days.


The was no mention of a charge when upgrading online and the terms and conditions only state you MAY be charged, details below.


6.1.2 you may be charged a deferred fee for your current Set Top Box or any other equipment for the TV Service or given the option to return such equipment.


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Re: Charged a YouView Box Deferred Fee £100 when upgrading my package

Hi JLT26



Thanks for your post. 


Because the Boxes for essentials TV and Plus TV are different, and a new box has to be sent when upgrading the deferred fee is applied as technically you are ending your essentials TV contract early, and starting a new  Plus TV contract. 


Do you have a TV returns bag?  if you send it back please ensure that you include your account number and telephone number in the bag so we can associate it with your account and refund the fee. 



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Re: Charged a YouView Box Deferred Fee £100 when upgrading my package

There seems to be a pattern with talktalk with regards the YouView boxes!!!!  I have been billed for a box that was returned with all details inside way back in October 2013, then charge me a fee for Non collection  of a Direct Debit which I blocked and TT knew about!!!!25 from my bank.


Is there any wonder customers are getting so hacked off.