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TT/AOL - IronPort spam filtering

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TT/AOL - IronPort spam filtering

Does anyone know if TT use IronPort from Cisco to perform spam checking?

I wanted to ask as the person I just spoke to on a support call said that TT do not. However all my email headers include the variables:-

X-IronPort-AV:E=Sophos;i="4.87,439,1363132800"; d="scan'208";a="68522250"



I understand and appreciate the need for spam filters, it's just I don't want someone else filtering my email I am happy doing it myself.

Can anyone here confirm that TT/AOL do not use IronPort?

Re: TT/AOL - IronPort spam filtering

Hi mark,

We do have spam filters in place to reduce known spam reaching our customers inboxes.

With regards to specifics on this we do not have any specific information we can disclose. However we are currently investigation an increase in spam occuring across the netowrk which is under investigation.


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