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Self install FTTC



Any news on when talktalk might start offering self install FTTC?



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Re: Self install FTTC

Probably when BT openreach allow them to, It is still being trialled by BT at the moment with no official release date.



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Re: Self install FTTC

Hi fibre162,


I don't have any information on this for you.


Keep an eye on the Fibre pages any updates will appear there.

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Re: Self install FTTC

Can't wait for that day, might mean the service actually gets installed instead of being fobbed off with missed appointments and zero help from the customer care team.
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Re: Self install FTTC

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Cannot be far off. Sky have been beta testing their Hub for over 2 months and already are letting a small number of customers have a self install with the SR102 black hub.


Engineer still needed for work at the cabinet though.