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No aerial for signal

I received a viewbox yesterday, but I am sending it back unopened,due to the fact that I do not have an outside aerial,so no signal for freeview....... Due to the fact I had been on nightduty when the tele sales person phoned I didnt quite get everything he said as I was still sleepy and his call wasnt the only one that disturbed me. I need an address for sending the package back as there is nothing on or in the bag.

This is also notice that I do not have Talktalk broadbrand and do not want it.

I have the landline rental and that is all.....I would wish all sales calls to stop, but I refuse to pay £49 for this luxury!! So in future if you or anyone else phones and rambles on about products etc I will be hanging up with no word spoken.


Please cancel the viewbox package or I will cancel my direct debit at the bank tomorrow


Yours unhappy,

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Re: No aerial for signal

Hi WG,

If you wish to cancel the services then you would need to speak to our customer loyalty team. For details please see contact us.