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Problems with your TV picture

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Before resolving an issue you will need to decide whether you are experiencing the issue with Freeview channels or On Demand channels. Freeview channels are the channels you watch in real-time on your TalkTalk TV Box, like BBC1 and E4. These channels are delivered through your TV aerial.

On Demand channels include players, such as BBC iPlayer and ITV Hub. All catch-up TV is viewed using On Demand channels and is delivered through your broadband service.

Freeview channels

If you are having problems specific to Freeview channels such as BBC1, you can follow the steps in our troubleshooter below:

Step 1: Check all the cable connections

Check all the cable connections into the TalkTalk TV Box are secure. Check the aerial connection into the back of the TalkTalk TV Box and your HDMI/SCART cable is connected securely between your TalkTalk TV Box and TV. 

Step 2: Try retuning your TalkTalk TV Box

Try re-tuning your TalkTalk TV Box. Go to Settings > TV Channels Retune Channels.

Step 3: Check your source

Check your source: You may need to select the correct source in order to watch TalkTalk TV. Your TalkTalk TV box will be connected to your TV by either an HDMI or SCART cable. If you set up your TalkTalk TV remote to control your TV: Press the AV button at the top of your TalkTalk remote control until you find the correct channel (HDMI or SCART).

If you haven't set up your TalkTalk TV remote: Press the source/input button on your TV remote and cycle through (HDMI or SCART) until you find the correct channel. If you are unable to find the source/input button, please refer to your TV manufacturer instructions.

Step 4: Check your signal quality

It may be that your signal quality is poor. To check your signal strength please see: How do I view the TV signal quality? 

Step 5: Check for Planned Engineering Works

Make sure there are no engineering works in your area which may affect your service. You can do this by visiting the Digital UK website.

Step 6: Check for Electrical Interference

Recent changes in your home could cause problems with your TalkTalk TV box. Anything from the installation of new electrical devices or even building work in the local area can cause problems with your service.

Extreme weather such as heavy winds or storms can also affect your signal. Check if your roof aerial has been affected or moved by any recent severe weather.

Step 7: Restart Box

Try restarting your box. Simply hold down the power button for around 10 seconds continually, then let go. Find out more about restarting your TalkTalk TV box.

Step 8: Readjust aerial Type

Try the following depending on the aerial you have:

An internal aerial: re-positioning it to see if this resolves the issue.

A communal/shared aerial: contact your landlord or Housing Association.

An external aerial: there may be a fault with the aerial or your aerial may have moved out of position.


On Demand / TV boost channels

If you are having problems specific to Freeview channels such as BBC1, you can follow the steps in our troubleshooter below: 


Step 1: Restart your router

Turn your broadband router off, leave for 10 seconds and turn it back on.

Step 2: Check cables

Check the cables into the TalkTalk TV Box are connected correctly and securely. 

Step 3: Check Network Connectors

If you use Network Connectors, check they are set up correctly.

Step 4: Check your internet connection

Check your TalkTalk TV Box is connected to the internet.

Step 5: Check your broadband speed

Check your broadband speed. If you have slow speeds, this may affect your picture quality. To resolve this, follow the steps in Improve my broadband speed.

Step 6: Re-tune your channels

Try re-tuning your TalkTalk TV Box. Go to Settings > TV Channels > Retune Channels.


Can't hear sound?

Your TV will have its own internal settings for volume. You may need to use your TV remote rather than your TalkTalk remote to adjust the sound settings. Once this is set you will be able to use your TalkTalk box for volume changes after this. With a few simple steps, you can also set up your TalkTalk TV remote control to control your TV which may help your volume issue.  

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