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What to do if your broadband is down

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If your broadband stops working and you can't get online, it means you've lost connection with the exchange. The first thing to do is check our service status page to see if there's a problem in your wider area. If the problem is unique to you, then the steps below should help.

New to TalkTalk or just upgraded to fibre? your line will go through a stabilisation period which usually lasts for around two weeks. It's normal to experience varying speeds and occasional drops in your connection during this time.

Make sure you're using your master socket

Your master socket is a white plastic box built into your wall, usually in your hallway or near your front door. It’s bigger than a normal phone socket because it’s the point where the external phone line comes into your home.

All the other sockets in your home are connected to your master socket with extension wiring. This type of wiring isn’t ideal for carrying broadband signals and can become damaged over time, so it's important to always connect your router to your master socket.


NTE 5 master socket
NTE 5C MK4 pre-filtered master socket

Check if you need to use microfilters

A microfilter is a small device that stops your phone signal from interfering with your broadband signal and vice versa.

  • You'll only need to use microfilters if you have a standard master socket, with one port on the front.
  • If you have a pre-filtered socket with two ports built in, you won't need to use them.

For your microfilters to work properly, you'll need to plug one into every socket you're using in your home. You'll get two microfilters with your router, but if you need more you can buy them online in the TalkTalk shop.


Microfilter plugged into a standard master socket

Check your microfilters

If your microfilters are faulty or set up incorrectly you're likely to experience connection issues.

Our tips below will help you get the most out of your microfilters:

  • Don’t use two microfilters by plugging them into each other.
  • Don’t plug a microfilter into an empty socket – only plug them into the sockets you’re using.
  • If you don’t have enough microfilters for all the sockets you’re using, unplug some devices and leave them unplugged until you can get some more. You can purchase them in the TalkTalk shop.
  • Your microfilter might be faulty – try a different one to see if this fixes the problem.

Reboot your router

To restart your router, simply turn it off at the mains and leave it off for 20 minutes if you have Fibre or 30 seconds if your broadband is non-Fibre. If you use an Openreach modem, it needs to be turned off (along with your router) for 20 minutes.

Check your router setup

Your router's wires and cables can easily get knocked out of place or become loose over time. You should check that your equipment is all connected properly and set up correctly.

Connect to your test socket

Your test socket is located inside your master socket. By plugging into your test socket, you bypass all the internal wiring in your home and connect your device directly to your phone line. This makes it the ideal point to test your internal wiring for faults.


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