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Bug report for website re-contract page

First Timer

There's a bug on the   page.


When I go to re-contract, I get two choices for choosing a new plan, Fast Broadband or Faster Fibre.


I select Faster Fibre but it always adds the Fast Broadband plan to the shopping basket instead, so impossible to add Faster Fibre.


Could you also make bug reporting much easier for your customers? It's been very time consuming trying to re-contract, and then trying to look for a place to report this bug. I had to end up registering for this forum just to do so, should be easier.

First Timer

I should mention for the debugging team I'm currently on Fast Broadband plan which is about to expire. I accidently accepted a deal through email to carry on on  a new contract but then cancelled it straight away as wanted to upgrade my plan

Community Team

Hi AndyH212


Thanks for flagging this to us, We are not seeing any other reports of this, so it could be an individual problem, Have you done the usual checks


Clear cache/ cookies in the browser 

Tried different browsers ?