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Contract Renewed - Promised Speeds Worse Than Current

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Just renewed our contract for another period a few days ago as we were moved to standard contract; however the contracted speeds are much lower than both current obtained and current contracted speeds.


Current Actual Sync Downstream Speed is 49Mb/s

Current Contracted Downstream Minimum Speed is 40Mb/s

New Contracted Downstream Minimum Speed is 28.7Mb/s


Worse, this is not clear until post contract signing/renewal and is only indicated in the email that followed. We have had issues with the line speed previously and we really don't want speeds to deteriorate further with Talktalk simply giving us the steer that we are above the new contracted minimum speeds, so is not a problem. GIven when greater speeds are expected and consumed, this is going in the wrong direction.


Can you please advise? If not satisfactory, then I will simply cancel the new contract.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @s1977


Sorry that you are having issues.


What speeds are you seeing at your side ? 


Do you have a dialtone on the phone?

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My speeds are around 48Mb/s but worry that they can go low in the future and all I will be told is that the speeds are right as per your contract. It is the lower speeds in the contract which is why I am raising this.


You are not alone.


I have had my minimum guaranteed speed reduced from 30 to 23 when I renewed my contract two weeks ago.


However, over the years that I have had the FTTC service, the BT Broadband checker has also dropped the handback threshold for my address.


As Openreach have dropped this threshold, I guess TT have just followed as they use their infrastructure.


Comparing my renewal with offerings from others using the same infrastructure made no difference to the minimum guaranteed speeds, they were all the same.


You'll just have to accept it if as part of your contract.