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Contract renewal - cannot get the plan on offer to new customers

Wizz Kid

This was first reffered to Feb 2nd...My contact is ending soon so I tried (as an existing customer) to try and accept the £27.50 18th month contract that includes the faster broadband superboost. The page flashes up with the deal and then reloads and offers only the £25.00 with a message that it does not include carry over of boosts from previous conttact...I can't see any pricing for a superboost addon anywhere...I'm beginning to think I should be looking elsewhere for my broadband needs.

Community Star

Hi clubhouse could I suggest you start your own thread? This way you will get the full attention of the OCE team and a quick resolution to your issue.

Good luck and hope you can save some money.


Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.
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I received a PM yesterday telling me this is now resolved, so thanks to all who have given me support with this - @OCE_Arne @Divsec @Gondola


@Heather-48 hope you get the contract you want, it's not easy!


Regards, greenwalker

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Hi @greenwalker 


Kind thanks for your feedback. We were in total agreement that you qualified for the lowest price fibre deal on offer and pleased for you that in the end you did get that deal. 

 Gondola - Community contributor

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