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Exclusive contract renewal with Free super hub offer,

Wizz Kid

Last week i received a special ''exclusive'' timed offer email from TalkTalk (i checked so i know it was a genuine offer) telling me i can stay on the same price for my broadband as long as i re-contract for another two years and you will throw in the new super hub for free.

As ive been happy with my talk talk service i clicked on the link and it told me my offer was accepted and i will receive an email within 48 hours with my new contract and when the super hub is being sent out.

As ive heard nothing at all, i asked a customer service advisor what was going on. The response i got was my ''exclusive'' offer email has been sent to everyone (so its hardly exclusive is it?)

and as my current contract has more than 90 days left to run, the offer does NOT apply to me so i get nothing.


So you dont want me to re-contract, you wont offer me the same price for another two years and i wont be getting a new super hub.


So has the advisor said the wrong thing, or have i been led down the garden path for false advertising? What is going on??

Conversation Starter

I didn't see your post before I posted virtually the same question an hour after your contract ends October but that wasn't the reason given to me...they said it was an offer for Broadband customers when they upgraded to Faster Fibre.

To me the e-mail read as if it was offering me a fixed price for two more years for the Faster Fibre Plan I'm already on!


Left hand doesn't know what right hand's doing it seems!

Wizz Kid

My contract runs out in December, but the CS person i spoke to seemed to think it runs out Jan 2020, so that kind of threw me off. I am on faster fibre and i also pay for the faster fibre boost.

I had the ''Thank You, you have been accepted message'' when i clicked on the link, but CS dont seem to have a clue. The way i read the email is the same as you, i was offered the same fixed price as i am paying now, if i agree to be locked in for another two years. Two people reading the same ''exclusive'' offer the same way, but ''its been read wrong''? Nope uh uh.

Nine times out of ten i use the community boards to get something sorted, as talking to CS advisors is about as useful as a chocolate tea pot. If it turns out the offer is false advertising i shall go back to Sky, as ive recently had an offer from them, for their faster fibre max for the same fixed price im paying now.

Talk Talk the service is ok,, but customer services are severely lacking.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi @stevebrum74


Just to clarify , I've checked your account and your contract has been renewed, your new contract end date is 31/05/2021


The wifi hub will be sent out in the next few days. 



Wizz Kid

@OCE_Arne  Thank you, for clarification. But could you please tell me why the customer service agent got it so wrong? Nine times out of ten the customer service agents via telelphone or live chat are the first people, whom customers contact. If they are giving out errornous to just flat out wrong information it doesnt bode well for Talk Talk does it?

Yes i know about the community boards so i know well enough to get it sorted on here.


Anyway thanks again for getting this sorted, hopefully i will be notified when the router is dispatched.

Community Team - TT Staff

Hi stevebrum74


I can only apologize, The feedback has been given to the customer service teams.