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I renewed my fibre contract but I was charged £25 and not the £19.95 as being advertised.

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I just had my contract run out on 04/03/2019, which I had no reminder about. On the renew part of your site I was only offered £25 for my fibre. I decided to use the chat box on the right side of your site to speak to someone, again I was only offered the £25 for the fibre. Only today I heard an advert on the radio still offering the £19.95 offer untill 14th March. Is there any reason why I can't have the £19.95 offer ?

My latest bill which is from 28 Feb to 27 Mar is being charged at your standard rates, will the new contract price I went ahead with be applied to this. Thanks Keith

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Hi Klaw, I'm not sure of the answer but @OCE_Arne probably is. It will probably help your case if you can show that you tried to renew at the advertised lower price.

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Regards Divsec, I don't work here, know little, and have too many opinions.

Your contract end date is in your account, TT do not give you notice of that, so make sure you set a reminder.


As for pricing, there are different prices for different contract lengths, so make sure you actually comparing like for like.

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Hi klaw17


Im afraid there is not much I can do if you renewed via Chat and agreed a new contract at £25. I can only advise you to re-contact our loyalty team. 



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Thanks for getting back to me. Will my advanced payment from 28 Feb to 27 Mar be amended to what my new contract was agreed at. 28 Feb to Mar 07 at the standard rate and 08 Mar to 28 Mar at my new rate.