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First Timer

Hi I cancelled my contract with talktalk 27th of february and you still want me charge for the next month?!!! Why is that?? I spoke to one of your team members and they said the contract will be cancelled the 27th of february. I also cancelled direct debit payments.


Did you give 30 days notice ?


If you did not cancel exactly on your billing date, you may have been charged as TT bill in advance, however any overpayment will be refunded after a final bill is produced.


Cancelling you DD is not a good idea as any refund will now have to be requested by cheque and if a payment was actually due, you may get late fees added.

Community Team

Hi @bluevelvet142


If your next bill is produced before your cancellation date, because we charge in advance its a full month charge however there will be another bill next month with a refund and you will be able to request a refund, but if you cancel the direct debit then it will be sent in cheque.   see our help-file  Final bill