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Leaving charge calculations


I'm considering leaving TalkTalk because FTTP has recently been made available in my area. Instead of receiving 10Mbps I can now have 60Mbps. I am on a Faster Fibre package with 10 mnths to go. I used the on-line chat today to find out my early termination charges and was told £160. All I can find on the web site is Faster Fibre termination charges of £8.50 per month. Where did the rest of the charges come from and what are they? 

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Hi @LUpchurch 


The early termination charge per month left on a FLPP Faster Fibre contract is stated as £8.50. Cancel your TalkTalk service 


Early Termination Charges 05Mar2019.png

Those figures do represent a surprising drop on figures previously quoted. I've asked the TalkTalk Community Team to confirm the figures that apply to your contract.

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Hi @LUpchurch


The charge includes the Set top box fee of £75


* If you have a package that includes TalkTalk TV you’ll also need to pay £75 for your set-top box unless you return it to us within 21 days. Just give us a call and we’ll send you a pre-paid returns bag.


So the calculation is £8.50 x 10 = £85 +£75 = £160


Hope thats clear. 



+It would be clear, except that my TV service was terminated after its 18mnth contract expired in Oct. 2016. I have been on Faster Fibre (no TV) since then. I don't have the set top box. I got rid of it 2 years ago.

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OK, In that case it shouldn't be charged,  let me look into that, Ill get back to you. 

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Hi @LUpchurch


What I've found is that when you disconnect the STB box charge is removed automatically and the correct amount £85 is charged, 




I hope that is the case. A strange approach to billing! Perhaps to put people off cancelling. Anyway, that now gives me the green light to go ahead. I would have preferred to stay with TalkTalk and not go to BT, but the FTTP product isn't available from them. Thanks for your help.