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No response from TalkTalk regarding missing cashback from TopCashback

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I have been trying to resolve a missing cashback claim for several months now, but I have stopped getting a response from Talk Talk. The initial post that I made said:


"I placed an order on 23 November 2018 via Topcashback for Faster Fibre with TV Plus as a new customer. The offer stated I would receive £110 cashback. I have met all the eligibility criteria and have taken screenshots of my purchase and the offer (see attached) to prove the transaction went through and the amount I was due.


However, the TopCashback website states that you have now declined my cashback as "The network agency has not identified ourselves as the last referral for your transaction." I had noticed prior to my purchase that many other customers have had the same problem, which is why I took the screenshots as proof. I made the purchase exactly as I should and have had no other issues with TopCashback apart from this one now with Talk Talk. Please can you investigate. Obviously the incentive was part of the attraction for me to move to TalkTalk in the first place so I am very disappointed in this. 


Order no. N63427468."


After several messages going back and forth, TalkTalk are saying they have awarded the cashback, but TopCashback are adamant that they have not received anything and that it was declined by TalkTalk.


I would like someone from TalkTalk to respond to this as soon as possible to get the matter finally resolved, with proof that they have sent the £110 which I am owed. It would also be good if someone from TalkTalk could communicate with TopCashback directly as I am just acting as a middle man between the two parties and getting nowhere.


Also is there a contact number I can phone someone on TalkTalk? This has gone on far too long now.


Many thanks,