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Where is my order

First Timer

I recently placed an order, in which I've had no information about it since signing up.


The account page just displays

Oops! Let's get you back on course...

Sorry, we're unable to find the page you're looking for.


If I attempt to track my order, which is always helpful for new customers.

Or I'll get


You're a bit too quick for us


Your My Account profile is not quite set up, so right
now you won't be able to use its handy features.



If you check back shortly, we should be done.


So is the order being processed? I've had no communication from TalkTalk, no mention of the router being sent, since the service is going live (apparently) on Monday 18th





Community Team

Hi Jones86


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




Community Team

Hi @Jones86


Your order is progressing and is due to go live on the 18th


Faster Fibre £19.95

WIFI Hub will be dispatched on the 17th


Your My Account will update, at the moment its reflecting an old cancelled order from February.  


Hope that helps