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Where is my voucher?

First Timer

I signed up for Talktalk broadband at my Weymouth flat (via moneysupermarket) in October 2018 on the basis that I would get a voucher within 90 days. The voucher is the only thing that makes switching to Talktalk worthwhile.

I received an email on 18th October saying I would be contacted within 90 days about selecting my voucher.

My order number was N62525504.

I have emailed several times over the last 4 weeks but have had no response. I called Talktalk customer service and all they said was send another email to the same address and if I still hear nothing then lodge a complaint.

How do I get my voucher? It is now well over 90 days. Do I complain to Moneysupermarket or do I need to get trading standards involved?

It would appear that I am not alone in this dilemma.

Community Team

Hi @richarddarby


Thanks for your post. 


I will contact the team at AWIN and get back to you. 




Community Team

Hi @richarddarby


The Voucher will be dispatched in the next 3/4 weeks.