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lost folders

First Timer

Recently got new talktalk mail etc update but have lost all my folders containing emails and photos. Help would be appreciated if I could get them back

Community Team

Hi CliffM1, this is in webmail isn't it? If it is I'll need the list of mail folders that are missing? Where they missing as soon as you moved on the new platform? In order to raise a ticket I'll also need you to add your landline and mobile to your community profile.

First Timer

hi I have exactly the same problem.. my email changed yesterday 09/03/19 to the new layout and since change I haven't been able to find my folders ... don't ask me to name them as I had around 15 very important folders ..surly this shouldn't happen and it seems im not the only one for this to happen. we rely on our emails so much and for this to happen hopefully you will sort this problem out !! unhappy customer

Community Team

Hi Fran07-Ian07,


I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing problems with your email service. If you still need assistance can you please start your own thread and complete your Community Profile an we'll be happy to look into this for you