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Wizz Kid
It would be nice to think the message about the £17 price for existing loyal customers is getting through to the staff.
Community Star

Hi @OCE_Arne 


Apologies for the delay in coming back to you.  Existing customers are aware via the small print on the sales page that TalkTalk advertised deals are now only available to them during the last 90 days of their existing FLPP contract.


However, customers are still being shown sales pages pushing the "change to a better deal whenever you want". This screenshot taken on 1 June but I waited until today 3 June to make sure the website is still the same. Two different browsers, cookies and cache cleared prior to loading.


It's inevitable that TalkTalk will have signed up customers that have been shown the "change to a better deal whenever you want" as an inducement to consider TalkTalk. 


TalkTalk Change to a better deal whenever 01Jun2019.jpg


You'll also see that a Free Wi-Fi Hub is offered to customers signing up to a Fast Broadband deal.  However, the small print says "The TalkTalk Wi-Fi Hub is included for new customers when they join TalkTalk on a Faster Fibre plan."


And as today is an important milestone in the Fairness for Customers commitments I thought you should know so that TalkTalk can offer good service, fair treatment and a straightforward solution when things go wrong.

 Gondola - Halloween ghoul guide

To avoid my red eyes . . . If I spooked a solution Best Answer

Community Team - TT Staff

Thanks @Gondola I'll pass this to the team responsible, to get some clarity on this.