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1 hour wasted !

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Its that time of year again...RENEWAL !!!!! 


I must be one of the few who have stuck with Talktalk for so long...FREESERVE , WANNADOO, TISCALI ...seen them all go by and each year the renewal process becomes harder and harder and more frustrating ....Why is it so hard to renew an existing contract without the hard sell from the agents trying to get you to ''upgrade'' to a ''better and improved service'' .????????


Today was a complete waste of time. I used the chat service to try and renew my existing FIBRE / TV and phone package but was offered a more expensive contract and when I questioned this I was given a renewal price ( again more expensive than existing ) and then given a link to NOW tv ?????????


I get really angry when the sales agent gives a price for a 24month  broadband contract with 12 month or 18 month ''discount'' on the TV and telephone additions.....WHY ??   why can't I get a price for my entire contract ?


Tried many times to get the agent to understand that I just wanted to renew my existing contract....was like banging my head against a wall until  I lost consciousness !


Why can't the agents just listen to the customer - and not try the hard sell of a product that is more expensive ?


Im hoping an OCE from renewals in THE UK can assist or quite frankly after over 20 years with this internet provider I'm finally  calling it a draw and going to transfer to another provider that understands what the customer wants etc .




OCE - if you have access to the chat scripts from today - please may I ask that you take a look 

''the best price was £10 more per month !! ''

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@moorlander wrote:

have now spoken to the UK based loyalty team...after a 30 minute wait for my call to be accepted ..short staffed ?


Possibly just called at a busy time, but good to hear you got sorted out.


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have now spoken to the UK based loyalty team...after a 30 minute wait for my call to be accepted ..short staffed ?


The agent was very helpful and gave me a great deal on my new package. A slight disappointment that  the TALKTALK TV package I was on could be renewed but not able to give a discount as an existing customer . So signed up for a NOW TV package and a faster fibre connection.


Its pity that the chat service / calls after hours all go through an off shore / out sourced company that don't seem to have a clue how to speak with a customer without resorting to hard sales techniques .


so lets see how the next 18months go..........fingers crossed .

Surfing from The Independent Republic of Yorkshire

Support Team
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Hi @moorlander 


Unfortunately due to sales compliance we are not allowed to process renewals, So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046. 


You are on our old faster fibre package which is now fibre35, and the discount you are on, does not exist anymore so cant be renewed,  so this will be why they are pushing you to a different deal, only suggestion is to have a conversation with them. 


Sorry I cant be any more helpful. 








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I don't think the staff on this forum can help with renewals (and I don't think they call them OCEs any more either)


The best idea would be to call the Loyalty Team on 0345 172 0046 (not available on a Sunday though - current opening hours here: Our update on Coronavirus - TalkTalk Help & Support 

Say "loyalty Team" when prompted to state the reason for your call. They should be able to do a better deal than the sales people on chat.