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£ 12.50 charged for "Admin Fee - Payment Due Date Missed "

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Hi there,


I have been charged £12.50 for "Admin Fee - Payment Due Date Missed " on 19 Nov bill. I would be grateful if you could provide me with an explanation for this as for me it seems to be a mistake :



- I had set a new direct debit up on the 12th Sept 2021. I have even received a confirmation email from : the very same day at 10:04 am !

- had enough money on my account at the time and days the direct debit should had been proceed !

I can send the proofs if required.


I consider that I have been unfairly overcharged and I claim a £12.50 refund for that.


Best regards





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Hi Jo,

thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I think this is useless continuing this support request.

Indeed, after a chat with a staff Help&Support member it appears that I have set up the Diret Debit within 4 days before paiement date due expirated date. This seems to be out of delay and this way the paiement was not possible... I am upset for the lack of communication on this issue. If I have been notified, I would have pay as soon as I would have known that the direct Debit did not work, instead of been charged unfairly £12,5 !!‌‌

Good day,



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Hi B612x,


Really sorry to hear about this.


If you still need help, please let us know as we'll look into this for you further.




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Hi Gliwmaeden2,


thank you for this kind and swift reply. I will try to reach staff members through the chat tomorrow. 


all the best,


Community Star
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@B612x, that's upsetting! Hopefully this will be sorted soon, but staff only cover the forum Monday to Friday and there can be quite a backlog. 


It may be quicker for you to try Chat tomorrow, after 9am:


Or phone after 9am on Monday:


03451 720046

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.