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£19.95 offer avilable to existing customers?

Whizz Kid
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I've seen an offer for Faster Fibre online for £19.95 per month.

Is that available to existing customers?




Cheers, Beanz


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Talktalk home page, under tv broadband & calls click on that and up it came, had to be quick as it was only on for a few hrs. I was online but not in my accout as the price in my account was more expensive, presume it was aimed at new customers


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'Popped up' where exactly?


An email or what?



Beanz emoticon.thumbsup.title


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Thats a good result Grabo, i did see that offer but went for the 63gb offer instead, seems to be a lottery if you get the offer or not, needs looking at by someone high up incharge. They did say they would honour the quote at renewal time, but i wont hold my breath on it though...


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I am nine months into a eighteen month contact for faster fibre at £22.50 per month..The other night an offer popped up on my computer for exactly the same sevice at £19.95 per month. I clicked on the offer and within ten minutes i had an e-mail with a new eighteen month contract.It was so simple.


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Mines up on the 21st, tried to renew with the offer prices on "chat" but those prices was only for online only, everytime i tried to renew online, pressed a few buttons, it sent me to the dearer "my account" price. They said they would honour the £22.45 price for the 63mb but cannot connect me up for technical resons..So waisted 20 mins of my time emoticon.sleep.title


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Good for you!

Perhaps you would like to tell us how?

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My contract ends in october 2019

i got the dealemoticon.smileyface.title


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When I updated through the online chat, I made sure I stated I did not want this TV charge. Plus downloaded the chat afterwards, so all clearly shown should the charge be applied.


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Yup, I get the same results as you. £22.95 and a half-price speed boost giving a total of £25.45 for fibre with the speed boost.

There's then the TV charge, where I'm not sure what I'd predict. Maybe it would be added, maybe it wouldn't. If it is you could ask for it to be removed.

I quite agree that it's not a good idea to commit without clearly knowing what you're agreeing to though.

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Thanks again John_G, I had another go.


Went for the Speed Boost deal again. This time the basket shows £22.95 for the Faster Fibre and £4 for TV. Again no mention of Speed Boost, but the total was £25.45. As if £2.50 was added (half price Speed Boost?), not the £4 TV charge.


Bit reluctant to hit the 'Confirm' button in case I'm locked into something I don't want.


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I asked to opt out of the TV charge and my latest bill looks fine. I mentioned this business of having to re-opt out every time we renew and was told by an OCE, oh it won't be necessary.


It seems this is not the case.


If the default remains to presume they can charge us for a service we have never ever wanted anything to do with, it will be bye-byeTalkTalk time when it comes to the end of my contract. Watching very carefully to see how this issue evolves over the coming few months... 


How could they possibly imagine that we'd swallow this without question?

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Oh, sorry to hear it didn't work for you.

Regarding the price jumping to £22.95 I've seen that happen when the price is displayed in the centre of the page, but the price in the basket (that you are charged if you accept) is the lower original offer price. So, worthwhile double checking the price in the basket.

Regarding "Speed Boost" being lost - did you clear cookies before trying for the "Speed Boost" offer? The system does have a habit of remembering previously attempted orders and taking you back to those - clearing the cookies stops that happening.

It may still not work for you, but those couple of things are worth checking.

If you don't want the TV service I believe you can opt out. Unfortunately you need to opt-out after you have renewed your contract. It doesn't seem possible to renew your contract without the much loved TV service at the moment.

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Thanks John_G, that was very interesting, it almost worked!


As soon as I log in as an exsisting customer the price jumps up to £22.95, which is less than I'm paying now. However, it also slaps on the £4 TV charge which I have already opted out of.


Also tried the £22.45 deal for Faster Fibre with Speed Boost. When I log in it initially shows the deal and then re-loads the page to show Faster Fibre again at £22.95. No mention of Speed Boost.


I guess you would get a different result if you are within 90 days of your contract ending.


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You could try this:


  1. Clear cookies and browser history
  2. Close browser
  3. Open browser, go to the offer page and click on the offer
  4. When it takes you to the TalkTalk page click on "Get Started"
  5. At the bottom of the next page click the button to log in as an existing customer
  6. You may now find the offer in your basket and you can re-start a new contract at that price


Can't guarantee that will work, but it may do.

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Oh, that's a bummer, my contract doesn't expire until August.


I have been on the chat line and they weren't very helpful. Now I know why! emoticon.quiet.title


Doesn't seem fair to me. Really no other way? I've been a loyal customer for many years.


Team Player
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Yes it is if you are in the last 90 days of your contract, see t&c's.


I did it a few days ago through online chat, took 34 minutes though, I had to eat during the chat:) 🙂


System checked and updated more or less immediately.


No complaints from me. Painless in fact.


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It should be, get in touch with the loyalty team and mention it to them.