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2 Year Fixed Email Offer

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I recently received an email offering a 2 year fixed price deal at 50p more than my deal. Although my current contract still had 8 months (until June 2020) left to run I decided to accept the offer.

I was surprised when my bill increased by £4.00 instead of the expected 50p.

Apparently this is because I had a discount of £3.50 applied to my Unlimited UK Calls boost (also until June 2020) which has not been applied to the new contract.

Obviously if I had been aware that the discount would not be carries forwards I would not have renewed at this time





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@jeffy9721  To save confusion, can you start a new topic and also update your community profile and I can have a look. 




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Hello Arne,

I hope you don't mind me sending you my problem in this forum. I am not sure what else to do.

I received an email from Talktalk on 26 November offering me a two year fixed priced contract at £25 plus a new hub. It was sent to my account email address which is only used for correspondence between me and Talktalk. The offer expired on 30th November. I renewed with one click but had not heard anything since. I contacted online help today but the agent said there was nothing in my account about this and that the last time this deal was offered was in August! The agent asked if I could paste the email in the chat box but I did not know how to do it. They ended up saying that there was nothing they could do. Is there a way I can send them the email? I have been with TalkTalk for over 12 years and when I said I will have to rethink about renewing my contract next May the agent was not bothered. They were in the Customer Loyalty department!

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Thank you Arne



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Hi @Notrum


I have re-instated the discount for the calls boost. 


Sorry for any inconvenience. 

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Hi Notrum


I will look into this for you and get back to you. 




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OK, worth checking spam/junk folders just in case. Do bear in mind you have a cooling off period in which to cancel if you're not happy, but I would wait to see what the OCE say first .


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This was a renew with one click. The confirmation page just said a n email would be sent but as far as i know this email was not received


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This seems strange, fixed price contract renewals have always worked on the basis that any Boosts and pre-existing discounts are carried over, although not extended. I have seen a similar experience mentioned recently and I wonder if TalkTalk have changed their policy? What did the order confirmation page say on the matter, or any subsequent email?


Subject to that I have flagged this up to the OCE to have a look.