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£2 charge for free deal, plz help

Whizz Kid
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Hi just received my current bill. Tried to log into my account to see what the extra £2 was for ( it's not the price increase) but then remembered I had received a standard email saying unlimited calls boost was Increasing my £2. I am on a free unlimited calls package for 24 months therefore this charge doesn't apply to Me yet it's been added. Please can you amend my bill and remove the £2 charge for all future bills as my package clearly says unlimited calls free for 24 months




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Hi nolimitzz


Your discount is not set at Half price , you have a set £8.95 discount on your fibre35 package the £1.92 increase makes Fibre 35

basic price  £31.86 a month 

- £8.95 discount

- £5 discount 

Total £17.91


So this bill is correct.


Whizz Kid
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Hi Arne, my usually £15 after all the discounts. But this bill is for £17.92 I think that's like a  almost £3 hike. I was told my bill will I crease my £1.80+ what's this extra charges for. It won't let me log into my account so I can't see what this is about but I know the increase was for £1.82ish which I assume reduces to half as I'm on a discounted to half price package. Are there any call charges or something on my account I can't check to see as the website won't let me


Support Team
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Hi @nolimitzz


Have your checked your bill?   There is no increase. 


The email about the calls boost is advisory to inform all customers that the boost price is increasing, if you have a free discount you are not efffected, but when it ends the price is increased to £16 moving forward. 


Hope that explains it.