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£65.00 Charge WHY

Team Player

Explanation required for a £65.00 charge on my bill for an engineers visit. No mention of this before. Related to this post No mention of this charge mugged in the street comes to mind. I was told unreservedly on the phone that there would be no charge that was after getting messed about by TalkTalk professional customer service you recieve on the phone. NOT ACCEPTABLE

Super Duper Contributor

Same thing happened to me re a BT OR engineer visit.

I too was told there would not be a charge - no matter what.

I spoke to customer services on the phone (as the person i chatted to online did ot have the authority to reverse the charge) and he cancelled the charge withn 2 mins.

He told me it was a mistake.

Community Team

Hi Rufu5


Before an engineer is booked Terms and conditions for potential charges are always read out, We cannot proceed without that acknowledgement, The engineer report advises that the fault was caused by damp within your property, this is always chargeable as its classed as internal wiring. 


I can only advise you to follow our complaints procedure How to make a complaint