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£75 Amazon Voucher not yet received

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I've got the same problem. I have signed up with TalkTalk mainly because i was offered a £75 Amazon Voucher. I was told that i should wait for 90 days after activation of line to get the voucher. I kindly and patiently waited for 90 days when contacted TalkTalk to find out how to get the voucher. They confirmed I was entitled to get the £75 Amazon voucher and I should contact Gift Cloud in order to get it from them. I did contact them and they said it would take no more than 10 working days to get the voucher. It's been 2 weeks now and although i have contacted Gift Cloud again (via e-mail only unfortunately) they haven't done anything yet or replied to me. I got anther reply from another person saying that they haven't forgotten about me and working on my query. I contacted TalkTalk and they said they use the same platform to verify if someone is eligible for the voucher and since TalkTalk people can see it Gift Cloud should see it as well. 

I do believe that this is a trick from TalkTalk to get you to sing up with unprofessional and this is not how you want to treat your customers...Very disappointed with TalkTalk.....


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Hi @Sermakis


Sorry for the delay


The voucher will be issued in the next few days.


Please keep an eye on your spam/junkmail folders for an email from giftcloud.




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The vouchers are supplied by a marketing company called Giftcloud not TalkTalk,, when you sign up if you block tracking cookies, (as most people do),  the sale is not tracked and Giftcloud have no idea who you are,what you have signed up to etc,  therefore when you post on the community I have a direct path to contact them to get the voucher issued as soon as possible. 


Its frustrating I understand but it will get resolved. 

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Can anyone please explain to me why you treat your customers this way? When a customer needs to pay for their bill you chase them every day and you threaten to cut their internet unless they pay. If you owe money to a customer it takes ages before you give them the money or never! Can you please explain to me why this is happening?? Why all the advisors i have spoken from customer service and from support SEE and CONFIRM that i am entitled to get this £75 amazon voucher and you still say to me you are looking into this?What are you even looking at?What else fo you need to check eligibility? Why do you add these vouchers (or let 3rd party companies do so) if you are never going to give them to your customers? Has anyone of you ever know what is like waiting for 4 months for something they don't know if they will ever get it? 

And just so you know,before i was with BT and they had a similar offer and i was given the voucher as soon as my service was activated, not 90 days or never....i don't like being a customer to someone who doesn't respect and lying to my face. I will seriously consider changing provider.....


Support Team
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Hi @Sermakis

I will contact the team responsible for the vouchers.

I'll post back when they reply.




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Moving this to the billing section for you, @Sermakis.


Staff reply during the day Monday to Friday. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.