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A phone call out of the blue

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OK I have just received a very frustrating phone call at work. To the effect my bill is just about to go up by £4 because my contract is just about to expire. This was supposedly in an E:mail - which I have not received

I could just about hear them but the conversation basically went that they wanted to save myself  that £4.

The response was I have no interest in moving anywhere so if you wanted to renew please do so but then they started to ask for letters from my password.

Remember this is a cold call and I hadn't got a scoobies what that was stood in the middle of the car park at work. It got 'frustrating' and it was left there 

In short can you confirm whether this was legit - if it is  tell me what I need to do to avoid this increase.

Sorry talk- talk cold calling your customers like this is not the way to keep them. ~ with you since 2004


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Hi AKAGI1708


I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 and having a discussion about your best options.  


They can help. 





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Staff can't set up a new contract for you, @AKAGI1708.


Nor can Chat at the moment. 


If you sign into My Account, check any deals they are offering you. 


Also check the going rate for new customers on Talktalk's own site, and all Talktalk deals on 3rd party sites. 


Compare these with the competition. 


Fully informed, phone the LOYALTY team on 03451 720046, after 9am Monday to Saturday. 


Don't do it online.


Be very careful that there are no hidden extras such as TV, SUPERSAFE, VOICEMAIL PLUS, one-off admin charges, etc. unless you specifically agree to them.


Specifically mention the free boost for Anytime calls. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Assuming this WAS a scam call as part of my investigations I went on the website and investigated my contract / account situation to make sure I am not missing any offers.

Being absolutely straight with you I couldn't find your site more confusing (I've always thought that). It seems to contradict itself

Assuming that from here you can find my account I am paying £29.95 a month. What are my options?. I have no interest in moving from talk talk - I have been with you since 2004 - so I am prepared to commit to a further contract. In so doing it seems I may or may not (as I say the site is totally confusing) gain free calls and I may get extra speed on my fibre.

I do NOT want to commit to anymore than the £29.95 I am paying now or NOT at the end of any contract that I might sign up to.

What are my options - am I getting the best value for the £29.95 that I am paying?


Support Team
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Hi @AKAGI1708


Its a scam call, 


We will never call you out of the blue, we will only call if you request a callback.


TalkTalk will never:


  • Call you to advise we have detected a fault in your router and ask you to install any software
  • Call you to state you are being disconnected due to a problem on your router
  • Use your TalkTalk account number to prove a call is genuine.
  • Ask you to provide your full password - we'll only ever ask for two digits in order to protect your security.
  • Ask for your bank details to process a refund - if you're a TalkTalk customer, your bank details are already registered on our systems.

If you know the number that called, you can add it to our Check and report site and we can block it, Also you can activate callsafe via My Account, it has been proven to deter scam callers.