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First Timer
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I'm fed up with trying to get through to customer services on the phone, even when I did manage to get through to someone I got passed from 1 department to another and then got cut off. I have tried sending emails and tried using the chat facility but nothing is working. I'm currently out of contract and I was considering re contracting but I think it's time to change supplier. 


I have been charged for a direct debit rejection but I have been paying my bills every month for months by debit card and I informed talk talk months ago that I would not be using direct debit. I have tried getting through to speak about the poor performance I have been getting and the slow speed for ages but its impossible to get through on the phone. Talk talk are very quick to stick a charge on my account but they aren't interested in answering my emails etc. 

I think it's a joke. I can't even get through to speak to someone in order to close my account and end my use of talk talk

Alina Kearney

Support Team
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Hi @Alina2379


I can help I first need to confirm some security questions. 


I have sent you a PM on the community. 




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The best thing to do would be to try Chat, as you can keep a copy of the transcript,  @Alina2379.


Scroll down on this page for the link and hours of availability. They open from 9am:


Phone help won't be open on Sunday. 


Staff will be back on here from Monday, but there's usually a backlog, so it can take a few days to get a reply. 


Forum staff can look into what is happening with the payments, but for renewals you need to use phone/chat/check what is being offered through My Account in your offers and upgrades area.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.