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Advice on leaving

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Hello OCE's, some help and advice please........

i'm sad to say I'm leaving TalkTalk and have signed up to Vergin Media and would like some advice on the timing of closing my account with TalkTalk.

My contract finishes on the 6th. March and my bill payment date is the 20th of the month. What would be the best time to give notice to avoid over / under paying and keeping things as 'tidy' as possible. 

Hope you don't mind me asking, but I don't fancy phoning some overseas call centre

ps.........  I've got a super cheap 100mb deal with Virgin, on FFTP of course, as sadly the best I can get with TalkTalk / BT is 15mb download on FFTC.  Shame, but it's going to to be a fair while before FFTP.

Sure I'll be back when it eventually happens,   Regards David


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Many thanks OCE Arne, that's really helpful (as always)

As mentioned, I'm sure i'll be back😊 ...... Regards

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Hi @davevon


Sorry to read that you are leaving. 


We ask for a 30 day period when requesting to cancel so if your contract ends on the 6th March, 6th Feb would be the obvious time to Place the cancellation. becasue your billing date is the 8th it might be a better Idea to place the cancellation on the 3rd so that another bill is not prepared for March. 


Hope that helps.