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Almost 50% increase in my bill my account number is *removed*

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My last bill was £20.00 my next bill is £29.48. This almost 50% increase is not acceptable. Unless you contact me on *removed* to discuss this I will switch my broadband supplier immedidiately. You have included Television in the new package which I don't want and have never had it as part of any contract with you. I have been a customer for over 8 years and this is how you treat your long term customers. Failure by you to contact me either through my tel. number supplied or via Email will result in you losing a very loyal customer. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!


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Hi jaguar442


Sorry that you are unhappy.


I have checked your account and your minimum term contract had ended,  and with it your discounts, we did send you a notification in March 30 days before it ended. 


Sorry that you missed it. 

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I'm guessing that your price increased due to your contract period coming to an end to an end. Every one of your monthly bills should state what discounts you are receiving and when they end so it shouldn't really come as a surprise.


The TV charge is usually added in automatically with online renewals. I'm guessing that's what you've done. This is an issue which has been raised many times and which TalkTalk don't seem to want to do anything about, which I agree is poor practice.

The solution, as others have already mentioned, is to contact the Loyalty Team directly to negotiate a price for a package with the features you want and without any extras you don't want. if you're not willing to do that then I guess you're looking for another supplier.


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The only way to resolve your issue is to contact TT directly yourself as advised by @ferguson in his post.


Contract negotiations cannot be carried out by forum staff and they do not have the ability to call you directly or correspond by email.


If they do need to confirm any details it would be via the PM system when invited to do so, they will not reply to random PMs from customers.


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You need to contact the customer loyalty team directly, details and opening hours are here: