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Amazon Echo Dot offer and customer service issues

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OK, so, deep breath. This is a lot.

I'm having the same issue as a lot of other customers regarding the Echo Dot and Smart Plug codes which have not been sent out - until finding this forum I thought I was the only one.


I renewed my contract on 22 March 22
I literally only renewed to take advantage of the free Amazon Echo Dot offer - my other half wanted to change supplier.
I was definitely eligible for the offer and the confirmation email said I would be sent a unique voucher code within 37 days - which has now passed. I still have not had my code.

I spent 3+ hours on the phone and live messenger on Wednesday 4th May during the afternoon and evening trying to resolve this issue but just kept getting transferred from one department to another and hung up on twice. Some of the agents didn’t even know what I was talking about. It was completely pointless. I am sure Talktalk record their calls and messages so can easily verify this.

On 5th May I contacted someone on the Twitter account who told me it would be resolved within 7 days. I stupidly believed them, and it was not. Nothing was done.


On the 12th I contacted them again and they said I had been booked for a callback from a complaint manager and that I would be getting a call between 2 & 4, I was working that day so took my lunch late and asked for an extra hour off - no one called.


I messaged again that evening and was told I would then be receiving a call the next day - same time. I stupidly took the afternoon off just to resolve this and guess what - no call.


To cut a long story short this happened another two times, so four times in total I have been told to expect a call and nothing has happened. I complained that no one was calling me back and was told they are sorry but someone will call the next day. I'm at the end of my rope.


I tried to get help on the online chat again but firstly she told me that I wasn't eligible for the offer, when I produced the email that stated I was she then said I had to was 37 days (which I already had) and ended the conversation.


Was the whole offer just a scam? It only takes a bit of research (which I wish I had done earlier) to find that this has happened to almost everyone who took up the offer. How is TalkTalk allowed to get away with this?? Why are the people running the Twitter account allowed to blatantly lie about getting a call back and then doing nothing??


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Just to relay, a fifth scheduled call failed to materialise again today. Thanks TalkTalk

Support Team
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Hi @Anonymous


I can help with this I first need to confirm some security questions


I have sent you a PM on the community