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Amazon Gift Card - New Customer Offer

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When I signed up there was an offer of an Amazon Gift Card for new customers (£100), 18 month sign on. When I signed up it was perfect timing as 3 months took me to early December (just in time for Christmas). It's now been more than 90 days and I was hoping the sending of this could be expedited? I've checked my account and my email address is on there ready to receive the email and I thought this would be automatic. Am I supposed to do something to trigger it?


Thanks, Adam


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@aleeab, Arne posted this in the containment section, on another customer's thread the other day:



The voucher will be issued in the next few days. 

Please keep an eye on your spam/junkmail folders for an email from giftcloud."


So he was probably trying to follow up for you, and had you in mind. 


I've just alerted him to the fact that you wouldn't have seen it, and that I have posted it for you here.


I hope it really is just "a few days" this time!



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Hello Arne


Happy New Year to you. Today is the last day of month 4 into my contract with TalkTalk and still no voucher from Gift Cloud. Due to Christmas I appreciate it may have taken you a while to chase them and work out what's happening but it's now been two weeks since you took that action away. 


Is there a specific email address or telephone number to raise a complaint please?


Thanks in advance, Adam. 


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ive checked and there was an extra 2 on the end of the email before the domain.  You will get the voucher. 


Im sorry for the mistake. 


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Still very concerned after checking my community settings email address and my talk talk account area settings that you're saying I have different emails though when they are both the same on my side. I have a GMAIL account which I rarely use and I checked that just now even though I can't see it and nothing there from Gift cloud. Worrying.


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I will email Giftcloud and find out where it was sent, You will get your voucher


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I have just checked my profile in here, the community login and it has my hotmail account email. I have also just gone into my account section on talktalk website and again it has the exact same hotmail account email address. I'm not sure where you have found that but everything from my side is and that's all I use as my primary email address. I think somebody needs to call me now as this is becoming a little ridiculous if I'm now going to be told my gift card has been sent to some random email. All of these notifications from the community AND my billing emails are coming to my hotmail account so this statement makes no sense.


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Hi aleeab


Just to confirm the registered address is not the same as the email address you have used on the community, the voucher is sent to the address you used when you signed up for TalkTalk. 


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I'm afraid not, I have had to cough up £75.00 of my own money last night to Amazon as the delivery date estimates were Christmas Eve so I couldn't wait any longer. I have also just done another double check to my registered email under inbox and junk folders. Nothing sadly. My 3 months was up on 7th December.


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Hi aleeab,


Have you received the voucher since your last message?





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When they say "a few days" it can be at least a week, @aleeab.


Hopefully before Xmas - after that it is likely to be in the New Year.


Fingers crossed for you. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Still no sign of that email yet sadly. Monitoring both inbox and junk folder. Disappointing since my 3 months were up on 7th December. Likely I'll have to just cough up the money myself and bank the amazon voucher later for something else in the future. It would have been ideal to save some money at the most expensive time of the year!!


I'll hold off till Wednesday morning but then I'll have to order as I'd be cutting it too close I think to oder from amazon on Thursday for Christmas eve delivery! I'll keep you posted, thanks. 

Support Team
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Hi @aleeab


The vouchers will be issued in the next few days. 


Please keep an eye on your spam/junk mail folders for an email from giftcloud. 




Support Team
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Hi @aleeab


I will contact the team responsible for the vouchers. 


I'll post back when they reply.