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Another ‘Transfer Handling Fee’ surprise!

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OCE only please as a billing query (all my profile details are up to date before you ask and bump).


I’ve a similar situation as @guy500, in that I’ve received a re-contract confirmation letter outlining an originally undeclared one off £30 charge for a ‘Transfer Handling Fee’?


Like countless others I’ve been caught with the clause 16 in contract price hike with a 30 day penalty free exit window, and so spoke to TT retentions (15/06) before making any final decision. As a long term TT customer I was offered two 18 month re contract options. One being a variable faster fibre 65 for £22/mth, or faster fibre 65 plus for £23.95/mth. The difference being the latter truly fixed for the full term (no increases), as opposed to the standard being subject to the annual CPI+3.7% increase. Opted for the latter as this was pretty much what I (considered) was on anyway. Got a confirmation email confirming the new contract, which also outlined an undeclared ‘Contract Admin Fee’ (£30) as being applied and credited.


Couple of days later received a further letter which also advised the Contract Admin Fee being credited, but also defines a separate one off £30 Transfer Handling Fee to be applied.

At no time during any of the re contract negotiations were additional fees ever mentioned. I’ve checked my recording of the discussions again to be certain. I then rang TT customer services/billing to query and challenge the additional fee (18/06), and they were a tad confused as to what this even was so had to go and check (while on hold). Came back and unconvincingly advised that the two above charges are one and the same (although clearly detailed separately in the letter). I also referred to the subsequent link received for the latest T&Cs and struggling to find this in there, unless hidden behind general inference terms.


I was told I should not be charged anything beyond the contracted monthly charges, however if I am, then to get back to them to have this credited. They can’t be certain until my next bill is generated on 11 Jul – seriously?


Can you please advise what this additional one off charge is for and whether in fact I’m going to be billed it, as the 20 days cooling off period clock is now ticking?


Bit long winded but thought it better to give you the background facts as to how I got to this point.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @FloJo65


Sorry  my mistake Ive asked around and the fee has been renamed in the last few weeks. 


I can however confirm that you are not being charged it. 


Sorry for any confusion. 





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Hi OCE_Arne


Thanks for clarifying the situation. Thats now you, me and TT own billing rep unsure exactly what this charge is, even though clearly detailed separately in the confirmation letter, but if it isnt being applied then I'm good with that.




Support Team
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Hi FloJo65


I have not heard of any transfer handling fees, I have checked your order and you wont pay any admin fees, there is a welcome credit applied to clear it as part of the order.




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Thanks for the clarification, @FloJo65.


I think we would all like to know what these "transfer handling fees" are, as they are not listed in Talktalk's pricing list for "one-off charges", but I have seen this mentioned in one or two threads recently. Talktalk has an unfortunate habit of introducing some of these charges without announcement. Like a good old-fashioned ha-ha, you don't know it's there till you tumble down into it. 


Best if we all wait as originally asked for staff to reach your thread, @FloJo65, and thanks for posting the question. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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@martswain wrote:

You post is confusing.


You said the fee has been charged and also credited which would mean the net result = £0.00


What is showing in RECENT TRANSACTIONS in your online account ?

@marstwain the post isnt confusing if read properly (granted a bit long winded though). 


The TT re contract confirmations detail two separate originally undeclared charges to be applied. The initial email covers the Contract Admin Fee only, as as an intended charge being credited/nullified - fine, no problem. The subsequent letter received also covers this, as well as a further separate referenced Transfer Handling Fee (£30) as a one off charge also to be applied. This re contract was only set up in the last few days so the account only shows the new future monthly tariff charges. Any one off charges such as these will not show until the next bill is generated, which isnt until 11 July. 


Merely trying to confirm before my 20 day cooling off period expires if the two undeclared charges are one and same (that would be TT confusing matters), or if the Transfer Handling Fee will in fact still be a separate charge to be applied. Neither were mentioned by TT retentions in the re contract negotiation/offer.






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You post is confusing.


You said the fee has been charged and also credited which would mean the net result = £0.00


What is showing in RECENT TRANSACTIONS in your online account ?