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Assistance of an OCE needed, please.

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Assistance sought from an OCE when they have time to help, thanks. Hopefully right board, but please move if necessary. 
Negotiated an early renewal and package change to Fibre 35 yesterday (called 0345 1725157 as recommended),  rather than have existing Faster Fibre fixed price package cost increased by £2 per month.
All seemed to go well, despite doing such over the telephone not being ideal due to hearing issues. Free UK Anytime Calls were included for the duration, and no set up fee or early renewal fee was applied. However, 2 strange matters arose when confirmation emails were received:
Firstly, one email arrived which said 'your Talk Talk TV is ready to go' and 'we hope you enjoy your   new Talk Talk TV',  yet I have never had Talk Talk TV, didn't request Talk Talk TV as part of negotiations and don't have a TV box. The chap who arranged the early renewal on Faster35 basis said to ignore the email as it had just been sent automatically when I changed to Fibre35 and he also confirmed I hadn't requested TV and wouldn't be charged for TV access.  When I later checked my account,  though, I can see a section refering to TV access and which looks to be active. Unless this is being provided free for the duration of the contract, I do not want it.
I don't want to be unexpectedly charged £4 access per month or whatever the current fee is, for something I didn't ask for or agree to, so hope an OCE can check my account and advise what is happening, thanks.
Secondly, a 'your account has been updated'  email also arrived, confirming my new Fibre 35 package, Free Anytime UK Calls etc. All looked to be ok, until I got to the end where it said 'all the important stuff' and indicated I could look forward to estimated download speeds of between 12.4 Mbps and 21.5Mbps, with a minimum guaranteed speed of 8.9Mbps.


I immediately called Talk Talk again, as these figures were different to those given to me at time of negotiating deal. The figures advised to me on the phone (more than once, as due to hearing issues I double checked, and indeed then repeated to me before I agreed to proceed, were 23.4Mbps highest speed and a Minimum Guaranteed Speed of 19.0 Mbps).  I couldn't get back through  to the chap I had dealt with a few minutes previously, but his colleague agreed the figures originally given to me by him (ie 23.4Mbps highest and 19.0Mbps Minimum Guaranteed), were correct and were what my new contract was to be based on. He couldn't understand why the figures on the email were different. He stated the email was generated automatically when my early renewal contract and package were agreed and he couldn't therefore send me a replacement email with the correct figures. He advised I ask Billing and Payment section to organise this.
Can an OCE  please therefore arrange for the appropriate department to send me confirmation that, as was agreed, my highest Mbps will be 23.4Mbps and more importantly, my Minimum Guaranteed Speed is 19.0 Mbps?  On my original faster fibre package, I have been regularly achieving speeds of around 20Mbps, and was assured the Fibre35 package was essentially the same in all but name (except for loss of fixed price aspect and free Supersafe on one device).
*If it would help, I can add screenshots later, of relevant parts of the two emails and the Package Details - TV part of my Account page, as well as the names of both chaps I dealt with.*






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Thanks for getting back to me @Arne-TalkTalk , it is again appreciated.


My understanding of a flyer is something handed/posted to numerous people, usually  unsolicited and for advertising purposes, and not including personal details. I'm quite on the ball at distinguishing between such and other types of correspondence.


I know I don't have TV as part of my service, you know I don't have TV as part of my service, but the Talk Talk team responsible for new (well, early renewal) packages, don't seem to know, or if they do, then they don't  seem to take care to use appropriately worded correspondence, and instead send out communication that is, put simply, extremely confusing and, dare I say, very misleading, especially as far as a contract is concerned.


The stuff that arrived in the post was not a flyer and was personally addressed to me. Having changed from Faster Fibre to Fibre 35 and agreed a new contract, I was obviously expecting paperwork in respect of same. I did not, however, expect paperwork referring, in addition and with great emphasis, to Talk Talk TV.


Anyhow, the envelope, addressed to me, included a letter, dated 22nd April, which said Hello aolmum (it of course used my real name). The whole focus of this letter was thanking me for upgrading to Talk Talk TV and telling me that Great Value TV was on its way. Not long now, it said. It assured me I could 'let Hollywood into' my living room and went to great lengths to explain I could 'pause and rewind live TV' and would have '80 Freeview channels'


It then went on to sing Talk Talk's praises about things getting better and better.


Included with the letter was a folded insert, with bottom of front page stating:


Package Fibre 35 with TV.


followed by my personal details (account number, email addy, phone number). Then a TV Pin.


Inside the insert it went on to detail 'Your Package' and said 'we've listed everything included in your package'  and 'all the things you've' signed up for. It asked that I 'give it a quick check to make sure you're happy'. Then itemised my Package, starting with:


Broadband/Phone Package and stating again, Fibre 35 with TV (24 month contract)


then the other aspects of the package.


Lastly, a Terms and Conditions booklet was also enclosed.






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Was the flyer personally addressed to you? what date was it sent?   


You do not have TV as part of your service 


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Thanks for your latest reply @Arne-TalkTalk, and I do appreciate you confirmed there is no Talk Talk TV charge on my recent renewal, however now I've received by post, a 'Great Value TV is on its way' letter, saying 'not long now' and thanking me for upgrading to Talk Talk TV (I didn't), with a document telling me it lists the things I have signed up to (I didn't sign up to TV) and asking me to give the list a quick check to make sure I'm happy.


It then states that I have a Fibre 35 with TV (24 month contract), I don't as I have Fibre 35 (24 month contract), and goes on to give me a TV PIN number (for a TV box which I don't have, never have had, and presumably isn't winging its way to me - or is it?).


Is it safe to ignore this as yet another example of Talk Talk trying to confuse their customer?


If there was an award for causing confusion, this letter and 'everything you need to know document',  like the initial email, would win Gold Star plus. If a customer takes out a contract without  Talk Talk TV, surely the paperwork should reflect this?


On a positive point, though, the document enclosed with the letter does show the correct, agreed Maximum, Typical and Minimum Guaranteed speeds (unlike the incorrect ones shown on the email that caused me to start this thread in first instance).


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Hi aolmum


The TV section is always present in My Account, incase you would like to activate it in the future. 


Will pass on your feedback. 



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Thanks for reply, @Arne-TalkTalk , it is much appreciated.


Yes, receiving an email saying your Talk Talk TV is ready to go, when you hadn't even discussed TV in negotiations, is very confusing. Likewise, having totally different speed figures shown under a heading that says 'all the important stuff', from those actually agreed, is obviously also very confusing.


Thanks for your reassurance, though, that I will not be charged a TV access fee, and for confirming the actual speed figures that had been advised to me and agreed.


Very poor communication, really, from the team responsible for the emails, though. Hopefully they will improve the emails going forward, to save others having to trouble OCEs to check and confirm actual situation. Especially, I would have thought, given Talk Talk are signed up to the Ofcom code of conduct and so stating the actual speeds agreed at point of sale is very important . I wonder what Ofcom would say about the emails being misleading? Maybe you need to remind the team responsible about the Code too.


At least having something in writing here from you, on the forum, is helpful should any problems arise at a future date. I've taken a screenshot of your reply, to keep with the original email.


One point you didn't respond to -  can you please clarify, though, why, in My Account there is what looks to be an active TV access reference under the section My Package then Package details, as this too is confusing?



It would also be helpful to have a copy of terms and conditions attached when the 'Your account has been updated - here's everything you need to know' email is sent (especially the actual wording the customer has had read out to them, and they have listened and agreed to). Maybe you could suggest this to the relevant team too.


Support Team
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Hi @aolmum


Just to confirm that there is not a TV charge on your renewal. Calls boost is free for the remainder of your contract as agreed.   There is no facility to resend a confirmation email, Sorry.


Your Highest Peak Download Throughput Speed =  (mbps) 23.4. 

Minimum Guaranteed Peak Download Throughput Speed =  (mbps) 19.0


Emails are automated and it has been raised to the team responsible that it causes confusion.