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Auth0 Guardian Preventing Login to Account

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I'm trying to login to renew my TalkTalk Broadband.


Yesterday I could login OK.  But today I keep getting to a window asking me to 'Download Auth0 Guardian'.


I wasn't aware that the login process was changing.  Is this genuine or has the TalkTalk login system been hacked?


Please can someone explain.   I can't find instructions on the TalkTalk website about this and so I'm very suspicious.


Thanks in advance.






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The TV option can't be removed in My Account, @raynerph, but there should be no problem if you ask them to do this by phoning up:


03451 720046 after 9am (till 7pm Monday to Friday; till 6pm Saturday; not open Sunday)


It's unfortunate that any renewals online are set up to include TV. They have to remove it if it is not what you want. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Michelle, thanks for asking.  I haven't experienced the login problems again.


I have also managed to renew with TalkTalk.  Annoyingly, the contract on offer to me included the TalkTalk TV option at an extra cost, and this was something I couldn't deselect during the re-contracting process.  So now I will have to pay for a service I don't need, that's unless I can find a way to have it removed.  However, I can't be too grumpy, because I did the sums and even though I don't want the TalkTalk TV the contract still looks like good value overall, even if I have to pay for this during the entire length of the contract.


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If case you have forgotten the Do’s and Don’ts. There are members that have. Remember:-Be yourself and tell it like it is,. Be courteous to other customers. Give others the benefit of the doubt. Update your community profile. The Forum Guidelines apply to ALL members there are/should be, NO exceptions. If you have nothing nice to say, then say nothing at all. Now a wizard.

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Hi @raynerph


I've never heard of Auth0 guardian, but will ask around. 


If you are having problems renewing online via My Account,  you can call our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046, Renewals usually cant be processed via Live Chat. 


Hope that helps.





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Thanks for the reply.  Yesterday I tried from W10 PC with Edge and Firefox and got the same result with both browsers.


Earlier today I tried logging in through a mobile phone browser and it was OK.  Tonight I've tried again with the same PC and no problems today.


The downside is that after 3 nights of trying I've still not been able to sort out the renewal of my TalkTalk service, and after an on-line chat I've discovered the customer help line has just closed at 7pm and so I'm too late to sort this out today...  One day I will sort this renewal out... or perhaps it would just be easier to switch...


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No issues logging in with W10 and Chrome from a laptop and certainly no prompt to download anything.


I have also accessed my account from an Android 7.1 device using the TT APP and also via a browser without any prompts.


Are you trying to log in from a mobile device as "Auth0 Guardian" appears to be an authenticator app.