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Been charged £30 for swapping package and not informed

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I recently signed up for Fibre 65, but had fibre 35 speeds. So I asked to downgrade it. Talk talk agreed but no one mentioned this fee I have just been hit with a £50 bill and it says £30 swap fee. At no point did anyone mention this and I feel thoroughly ripped off.


I also tried to cancel the downgrade as the speeds unexpectedly went back up. Again I was told it had not gone through so no need. It did go through. Im actually back on Fibre 35. 


Can I please be refunded this £30 random charge? It is incredibly unfair and has no reason for the charge. Over the span of a few days I've been charged £50 when signing up it says (which I missed) that you cannot get fibre 65 speeds where I live, but it allowed me to order it anyway. 


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resolved via phone

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OK, a bit confusing regarding your switches back and forth between packages, have you decided which one you want to be on now? The support team here will check the billing side of things as soon as they can.