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Being charged for returned equipment

Team Player
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Good afternoon,
I'm hoping you can resolve this issue here as I have no wish to ring you, I already have spent enough of my time on the phone with you already.
I canceled my account and then followed the instructions you gave me to return my equipment in the bag you provided. The tracking number was HZ935809464GB.
I then was billed by talk talk £50 for failing to return the equipment.

I rang customer services and explained that I had posted the equipment off and was told to just ignore the bill as the equipment will turn up. 
Well, I'm still getting messages from talk talk for my bill, (of what I might add was in credit as well, so technically you owe me money!).
The tracked equipment shows as being delivered, so why am I being charged due to the incompetence of Talk Talk? 

This is my free time, which is very scarce these days, that I'm having to spend chasing up Talk Talk. The very reason I canceled with them in the first place, yet they continue to haunt me.

Please don't tell me to ring customer services, I already have done that, and yet here I am still trying to get this sorted out.

Many Thanks


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Thank you very much indeed for your quick help.
Many Thanks



Support Team
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Hi @CliffW 


Apologies the charge has been reversed, you will be able to request a refund of the outstanding credit in the next 24 hours

via My Account.  



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Thank you for your swift response.
Many thanks

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@CliffW, I'll re-escalate this thread with a comment that this needs attention. 


Unfortunately there is a queue, and staff will take a little while to reply, from Monday to Friday. 


Talktalk's processing of returned equipment appears to be in a muddle. Staff on here will ensure that this is sorted out for you.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Your item was delivered on 02-05-2021.
Tracking number:HZ935809464GB Service used:Royal Mail Tracked Returns 48™
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