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Being charged too much and customer services are useless

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Hi all,


Does anyone know if there are any proper English speaking customer service numbers. I've just joined talk talk and within 2 days they are already trying to overcharge me.


I've tried calling their customer support 3 times to resolve billing issues, but it still isn't resolved as every time i seem to get African customer services who can barely understand English and i'm getting ready to cancel within the cooling off period.


I'm being charged for the broadband boost despite supposedly getting it free with my package, and i have the order emails to prove it, yet my online bill still states that i'm going to get billed for it. I also took out the Call boost package for £6 a month but they are still charging me for all phone calls individually.


I'm at the end of my tether with this company, so just looking for one last way to resolve before i cancel the contract and file a complain with the ombudsman / ofcom Regulator.





Stop the word, I want to get off