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Being fobbed off re. Year of Prime and Cashback

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After being continually told I will get prime and cashback, I have reached the date I was told I would have them by. Tried to chat but after going through I'd was told that was through to wrong team. Got through to next and they immediately hung up. Tried to find how to complain and it said via chat. Am I being fobbed off or is this usual?

Dave B

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OK, did you not get a confirmation email from the site in question? Otherwise as I said wait for the support team to look into this for you. 


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I went through one of the comparison sites. Not sure which one. I asked if I could sign up for tv and they said not until live but they will honour the offer (£2 with year of Prime). I have been told that both were noted. Unfortunately, some of the transcripts did not arrive at my email which is why I gave screen grabbed some. The cashback was £80 or £85. I first made contact within my cancellation period as I had nothing stating this until chat person said it was recorded and would happen. First I was told to wait a week, then after that week I was told 30 days and 37 days. 

Dave B

Community Star
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Which cashback site did you go through and what was the amount? It would be unusual to get both that and a direct offer from TalkTalk. This has been flagged up to the support team for you, they will respond as soon as they can when they are back online from Monday.