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Being overcharged on a fixed price contract. Please look into my account Thanks.

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Can you please look into my account. I see that others are unaffected that signed up to a fixed price package with guaranteed no increases prior to March but this seemingly hasn't been applied to me.


please can an account manager sort this out from your end.

This is exactly the type of thing I want to avoid when I take out a fixed price contract, i assume it will be FIXED price. 


My fixed price is coming to an end in July, and I really would rather not have to cancel out of principle but I am willing to do so. 

Nevzat Abdurahman

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Didn't bother, will move to Zen at the end of my contract.


Support Team
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@Pete062, phone in and haggle. 


Forum staff can't do a deal for you.


Talktalk is applying rules that allow them to do this basically because it suits their business plan. 


The contract for Fixed Broadband cannot be taken at face value, it seems, as they have always had escape clause 16 sitting there in the Ts&Cs (recently modified though to allow them to apply inflation busting increases every April too).


The Ts&Cs are at the foot of any TT page. 



Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I am also half way through a 24 month fixed price £22.95 contract and yet I have also been hit with a price increase. What part of Fixed & Contract do Talktalk fail to grasp? Its not a fixed price promise, its a contract, I have it here in black and white.


I am sick of the constant scams by this company, boost price increases during a fixed period, that £4 a month rip off charge for using a Youview Box despite not using any of the boosts and now this.


What a bunch of bloody cowboys.



Support Team
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Hi nevzat


Your account is effected by our recent decision to end the fixed price promise so from April your price will increase by £2 per month.  


So I would suggest calling our Customer Loyalty Team during Business hours (Monday to Saturday 10:00am to 18:00pm) on 03451720046 or try our Live chat service 


See if they can help. 







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@nevzat  if you received the price rise email then your contract is subject to the change in Ts and Cs and the price rise is applicable.


As detailed in that email you can leave penalty free within 30 days if you wish.


You can call TT and try to get a better deal, as I did, or a small compensatory payment that takes you up to the end of your current contract as others have managed to do.


As your contract ends in July you do not fall into the exempt from any rise category.


Many broadband customers will be hit by price hikes of £2 a month (£24 a year). This will affect all broadband customers except the following who won't face any rise: 

- Customers who took out a Fibre 35 or Fibre 65 tariff between 10 November 2020 and 1 March 2021.
- Customers on TalkTalk's 'Fixed Price Plus' tariff.