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Bereavement team not a great help

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My mum passed away on 4th January. I have tried 3 times to ring the bereavement team and got nowhere. 1st time I was on the call for about 20 mins, gave all the information required and then told the system wasn't working and I'd need to call back and do it all again. Tried the next day and got told they couldn't hear me properly, then 3rd time got told the same thing. Everyone else I've called has managed to hear me fine. I will not call again as I am dealing with the grief of my mum passing and then sadly my Grandad passed 12 days later. I do not have mental strength to sit on hold for ages to then not be helped. Please advise how I can cancel this contract by writing as the live chat just told me to ring the bereavement team after me explaining my difficulties. My mums email is now receiving emails saying her account is in debt, which again I do not want to be told I am liable for this payment. Not impressed. 


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Hi @Tibb13


I'm really sorry for your losses.  


Can you confirm that the number in your community profile is for your mums account?  




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So sorry to hear that this has been so difficult on top of your bereavement, @Tibb13.


Unfortunately cancellation cannot be done through the forum. 


You could try phoning the normal help line, but I suspect that they will simply put you through to the same team. 


They may manage to get a better line to the bereavement team, so worth a try, after 9am:


03451 720046


There is an address given to write to in the Ts&Cs, 19.1 - see the link at the bottom of the page. 


There is also a Complaints Code that you can follow, linked at the foot of every TT page. 


It might be worth exploring some of these avenues, and Talktalk needs to be told that this service was woefully inadequate at such a difficult time for your family. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.