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My mother passed away 11/01/22, we both lived at the same property. (i am her son).

The talktalk account was in her name.


On the 17/01/22 i filled in the change of ownership following bereavement forms and sent them off via signed for first class post.

These reached talktalk, signed proof from post office.

I have been cut off completely internet and landline, the funeral is tomorrow and my mothers friends are trying to ring the house.

I have rang the bereavement team and they want me to take out a completely new contract.


Is there any one from talktalk who can help



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Hi Pashan,


I'm truly sorry for your loss.


Have sent you a private message to take some details to verify the account, we'll then advise of next steps.





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Thanks for the update, @Pashan.


Normally the old number would need to be requested at the time of ordering, @Pashan.


In rare cases it can be retrieved before being used by any Openreach provider for another customer. 


Fingers crossed for you that you can get it back. 


Forum staff will be back from Monday. Let us know if you need further help. 

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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I thought i would give an up date.

I am starting work on Monday and work from home, have no internet or phone at present.

Have set up a new account with talktalk, not because i want to, but given the time scales for reconnection, i had no choice.

I have just noticed that the phone number has been altered and i want my old one back.

Had a phone call from the bereavement team this morning and have asked them to escalate this as i want my phone number back.


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This is the information contained in the email below.


I downloaded the forms and sent them by post as instructed.  all on the 17/01/22.

I was cut off on the 24/01/22, all i can get out of the bereavement team is we will transfer you to open a new account as this one has been shut down.


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I cannot quite understand why the service has been cut off as you say, were the bereavement team unable to explain?  I realise this will be little consolation, but I can assure you the support team here will do their best to help as soon as they pick this up. 

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I have updated the details in my profile.

I have rung the bereavement team they were no help, at no time did i ask for the account to be terminated.

I made quite clear that i wanted the account transferred to me for the remainder of the contract.

I feel i am being steam rolled into a new contract.  What makes this extra difficult is the phone has been cut off, a lot of my mothers friends are quite elderly.  Some of these ladies do not have emails and this is an important time as the funeral is taking place tomorrow.


My mother has been with talktalk for years and has never made a late payment, so i am completely bewildered why i have been cut off.

I have followed talktalks procedures completely and have proof of doing so.

This adds an unnecessary level of stress that i could do without at the time.


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I have updated my profile.

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Sorry for your loss.

Sadly, not on here if you are looking to be connected quickly as this forum is not in real time and answered in order of posting by Staff.

Your nest bet is to talk to the bereavement team again, and take out a new contract, if that is their advice. 

As to being reconnected, even if they admit a mistake in disconnecting you, it will take a while to be reconnected as TalkTalk are reliant upon OpenReach to make the connection.

this probably needs your discussing with a manager if  you gave instructions to change the contract to yourself rather than  inadvertently asking for the contract to be cancelled.


if you wish staff here to look into this for you, then You are in the staff's queue for a response.
For a quicker reply can you please ensure you have your personal information up to date in your profile including your TalkTalk landline phone number so your account can be traced. Link here -

Please post back when done.
Thank you

Please remember to mark Solved Posts with Best Answer. Doing so helps other customers and saves TalkTalk's Support Team time by only looking at unsolved topics. Thanks, Steve (a fellow customer).

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I am so sorry to learn of your loss and the problems you have encountered since. Please make sure that your details including your late mother's TalkTalk landline number and/or account number are complete on your community profile along with her name in the Private notes section (click here) so that they can link your forum identity with the account and the support team here will respond as soon as they can.