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Better Customer service

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Avoid this company like the plague. They are cheap, the internet isn't half bad but the customer service is terrible.
Live chat is laughable, just had a conversation with "Wendy" and have been lied to into trying to renew an 18 month contract.

If you are happy with terrible customer service these guys are the way forward, if you would like to read my story please continue;

Went on live chat to check how long was left on my account
Adviser tries to offer me a new deal "Doubling" my internet speed and giving me a 50% discount on the router! all for a lower monthly line rental (good deal right? Got me sitting here clapping my hands like Charlie Brown during a piano solo PLOT TWIST) the internet speed she is proposing to put me on is the same one i'm on at the moment, Also the router I am getting 50% off I already own! and don't need a new one. If i hadn't of questioned what she was telling me I would have had no idea! (Outrage mode activated)

Moral of the story for part 1 - make sure you know what you are signing up for!

Now for act 2, sheakspear would be proud!
Decide I will contact customer services to speak with a manager, as in my option Wendy's actions here are inexcusable. Enter "Russ"
Russ is a nice guy, here to help, to comfort and was a very good listener (AUDIENCE - Awwww). After explaining my displeasure of being lied to Russ went on to explain that although there was no record of this conversation ever taking place and the only contact he could see occurring was the telephone call we had, he believed me......
How nice Russ, you really are a trusting guy, Russ wasn't aware of the fact that I was armed and ready like Iron man staring down the barrel of an Avengers level Bazooka! After I then went on to explain (Without going into too much detail) that the adviser I got through to prior to speaking with him already confirmed she could see the conversation and that a web chat adviser was the one who logged the complaint he was responding to he then found the notes on the system.
At this point in the story I get the idea that Russ is digging himself a hole, armed with his headset and a shovel I let him have at it.
Through some stumbling and excuses his resolution was that feedback would be provided to "Wendy" and training would be provided, and that all wendy wanted to do was help me....

There is one thing that haunts me, how many people wouldn't have questioned the additional charges and sales tactics of Wendy? How many people have already fell victim?
Will her reign of tyranny ever come to an end? Or will continuing amounts of customers fall victim to Wendy's ways? If I cant protect the customers, you can be damned sure I will avenge them!

I hope you have enjoyed my story of woe and I hope someone in Talk Talk picks up on this and causes some type of change in how they treat there customers.