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Kevin Ogram
First Timer
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Hello, I signed up for a 18 month contract ,go live 21st Jan 2021,fibre 65.  £24 for 18 months.


I have been billed A new amount of £26.50.


Please adjust and refund my account, as this should not be that amount..


I have spoken to someone about this and have not as yet had any response, if this is not sorted out, i will be taking it further , as you have broken my contract by charging me this amount.

I have already sent you a letter regarding this and have not had any response, apart from someone was ringing me , they did not.

I am very disappointed in the service that you provide.

Please respond as there is another payment due out.


Kevin Ogram





Support Team
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Hi Kevin Ogram


Earlier this year TalkTalk took the decision to end the fixed price promise, and raised prices,  this was communicated to all customers, and as per Ofcom rules we gave customers 30 days to either contact us and re-negotiate or leave without penalty. As martswain has said this is allowed by the terms and conditions. 


Sorry that you didn't see this notification.




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@Kevin Ogram  TT reneged on their fixed prices in March 2021 and invoked a clause in the Ts and Cs allowing a price rise.


There is no "broken contract" they have acted in accordance with the terms of the contract you accepted when you joined.


It was £2.00 in the first round and then £2.50 in the most recent.


All customers were sent emails a month before the rise giving them 30 days to leave without penalty or negotiate a new deal, I guess you overlooked that email so you have missed that opportunity.


This subject has been done to death over the last 7 months !