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Billing Discrepancy

J Brook
Team Player
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Hi There

I have just checked my account online. I have Fibre 65 and the account summary states it is £28 per month yet when I look at the breakdown of my bill I am being charged £30.50 which includes a discount plus £4 for TV. Could you please explain why the quoted figure is £28 yet I am paying £30.50. Many Thanks. J


Support Team
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Hi @J Brook


You have been in contract since November last year (13.11.20) on Fibre 65 at £28 + £4 Talktalk TV , However we raised our prices for all customers earlier in the year, an email was sent to you in July giving you 30 days notice of our decision to end the fixed price promise asking you to contact us or you had the choice to leave without penalty. 


Your new price is showing as £34.50, your bills are fully outlined in My Account. 


Sorry that you missed the email.