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Billing Timing query, exact payment date?

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Hey all,


So, I have a potential issue with the timing of when my payment is taken.


Basically, I've got my bill as usual and it says payment will be taken on the 31st January or immediately after.  It's that second bit that potentially causes a problem.  My current Credit Card expires on January 31st (@ 23:59)  and the new one is only valid from February 1st (@00:00) - they haven't done the usual 1-3 month overlap that they have in prior years.


If my card is debited on the 31st then my billing information needs to remain unchanged and use my current card.  If payment is taken late, so from 1st Feb onwards, then I need to ensure my details are updated with the new card.


Sure, I can ensure I update my details at midnight (urgh) on the 1st of Feb and things should be fine, but I don't really trust that things will just work.  Plus often times there are delays processing things when payment method is updated.


Like I said, usually there's an overlap in dates when a new card is issued, but they've not done that this time.  I did query this with my card supplier, but their support staff are basically clueless and can offer no advice other than "contact ALL of the companies" which is a bit of a pain.


If I knew for sure exactly when the payment was to be taken this time, I could adjust my payment details without worry.  I cannot do it early of course, as the new card is only valid from the 1st of Feb.


Likely a non-issue, but it's little things like this that go wrong at times, and if my connection is cut off then I have ZERO access to data or voice - no reliable mobile signal where I live.


Note: I know I could call TalkTalk and speak to someone, but things don't always go smoothly when I do and numerous mistakes have been made in the past, hence my hesitation to call.  If I get cut off, I lose all ability to contact anyone without going out and I'm not too mobile currently.


Any advice?




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Im sure that the bank allow some crossover, so as to not cause any inconvenience to you.  


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Thanks for the confirmation @Arne-TalkTalk .


It does surprise me though that a card that's not yet active can still be billed successfully.  The card became active on the 1st of February, yet a payment was successfully taken prior to that.


I guess this confirms that "Valid From" dates mean nothing on credit cards - good to know.




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...there you go Scoob, nice confirmation from Arne so nothing to worry about.


Nice start to the week.

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Hi Scoobierb5


It looks like the payment went through as normal on the 31st



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Hi @Michelle-TalkTalk,


Live Chat wasn't working for yesterday evening and I've not had the chance to try again yet.


However, as my Card details have already been updated, I'm not quite sure what I can do next.


I did check last night and the payment hadn't been taken as of yesterday evening.  I can only hope that as the Card number is the same (if not the dates and CVV) and my Card details being updated is an Automatic process it gets things right.


I assume if there's a problem I'll get notified via email.


Not sure if I'll have chance to try Live Chat again, but I've sort of run out of time now.




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Hi Scoob,


Sorry for the delay. Do you still need help with this or did you manage to get through on LiveChat?





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Hi Gondola,


Thanks for your input.


The Card number is the same, however, both the Valid From and Expiry Dates are different, as is the CVV.  The terms in the letter my new card came with explicitly state I can only use it from the "Valid From" date, which is the 1st of February.  If TalkTalk take the payment before then, it should be rejected as the card is not valid.


As I mentioned in my original post, usually there's an overlap in the dates between the old and new card of at least a month, but not in this case - which is a first for me.


I was prepared to update my Card details at the last minute (literally midnight on the 1st of Feb) but this has been done automatically, early.


Edit: Sorry, to respond to the second part of your post.  I do use an ad-blocker, but it's disabled for the domain, so shouldn't interfere with anything.  I will be mindful - and perhaps disable it entirely - if I attempt to get into Live Chat again though.  Thanks for the tip.




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Hi Scoob


The card number should be the same so there shouldn't be a billing problem.


If you're using an ad-blocker extension or add-on in your browser then disable or pause the ad-blocker and the LiveChat block on the Community home page will turn from red (checking availability) to green and be available for Chat now.

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Hi again,


Live Chat does not appear to be working this evening, it's stuck at "Checking Availability..." and has been for some time now.


I double checked, and the payment hasn't been taken yet - it's usually taken between the 29th and 2nd.  I will check again tomorrow and try Live Chat once again.


Not being able to contact Live Chat for something this important is a little frustrating.  I would change my card details in "My Account", but that's not practical as the actual day the payment is taken varies.


Edit: So, I just double-checked how to change my payment method in "My Account" - thankfully that is working currently - and, my card has already been updated.  So, it looks like TalkTalk do indeed have the ability to automatically update expired card information to the new card.  This is good....sort of.


As various other companies do - I mentioned it in a prior post - it would be GREAT if TalkTalk sent out an email confirming this automatic update had occurred.


My only remaining concern is that if the payment is taken before the end of January 31st my new card is NOT valid until the 1st of February, yet My Account is already updated.  Hopefully this doesn't break something!




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Hi Debbie,


Thanks for your reply, I will do that.


A quick further query though, as I'm unsure whether TalkTalk do this...


I've had notifications from other companies I use my Credit Card with, saying that they've been automatically informed by my card provider of the new card details, so everything is up to date.  This is particularly good this time due to the lack of the usual overlap in dates between my current and new card of course.


Does TalkTalk use a similar system, do they get a notification from my card provider?  I think AoL did when I was with them, prior to being migrated to TalkTalk.


I will still try the Live Chat a little later today, when I get a few minutes spare.






Support Team
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Hi Scoob


Please can you contact our Customer Service Team using our Live Chat, they will be able to look into this further.