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Billing section of "My account" on website does not work

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I have tried to access my account and billing details on the TalkTalk website today, using a couple of different web browsers (Firefox and Chrome).  Whatever I click in the account area does not work: bills are not shown, neither is usage or any other account information.

As your billing and account management is all online, this is very frustrating and I imagine you also have a legal duty to provide this information as required to your customers.  This is not the first time I have had issues with the "my account" area of the website showing no details at all and looking through the forums in the community, it seems a recurrent problem for several years now.

Could you properly resolve this issue as it is not at all acceptable that as a customer, I cannot see what I am using on my plan, what my previous bills were, how the bills break down and also where in my contract I am.

R. Goodchild


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@martswain  Thanks for the advice.  I tried again with the adblocker disabled and I can actually see most of the account areas now.  The summary still seems to be MIA but at least I can now see previous bills and payment transactions.

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@RichG36  My Account works perfectly well with Chrome, however some extensions and ad/banner blockers along with security software can stop the pages being displayed correctly.


Check what "extras" are running, clear your browser cache and all TT cookies and try again.


The "recurrent problems" are mostly related to browser issues, Opera and Brave most recently have been throwing up their hands in horror at what the TT websites want to show even though the connection is https.