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I have just received my latest bill from talktalk and I find that once again I have been charged £14.00 for anytime UK calls. I have previously spent several weeks trying to resolve this problem, I opened a case regarding the charge and I furnished proof that when I renewed my current contract that the terms were that UK anytime calls would be free for the next 18 months of my contract it was agreed by talktalk that I should not have been charged and that my UK anytime calls was free. I was given a refund for the previous charges that had been made on my previous bills and was sent a e mail confirming this and I duly agreed that the problem had been resolved and agreed to close the case. Obviously I had been to hasty, my current bill whilst having the refunds included that I had been granted for overpayment of UK free calls and £10.00 for out of pocket expenses they have unbelievably and despite me sending proof by  e mail and also hard copy to Head Office and Customer services of the terms of the new contract I agreed to they once again charged me £14.00 for anytime UK calls.

Could you please investigate this for me.


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Hi @shipboard 


I have checked your latest bill produced 15.7.21 shows that the anytime calls boost is free. 


Are you looking at last months bill by mistake?


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@shipboard I have removed the attachment as it contains personal data which you should never post on the public forums. It will prove helpful to your case though I am sure, the support team will be able to check this privately for you. 


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Staff reply Monday to Friday, during the day, @shipboard. There's a queuing system, so it can take a couple of days or so to get a response. 


Please keep a look out for a reply from the support team.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.

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Further to my previous post please find attached correspondence of my previous complaint.