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Bizzare threat from Returns Dept - £50 Fine.

Enlightened One
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I have received an Email from your returns dept informing me that I will be charged £50 for non-return of set-top tv box if not returned by 11/11/21.  The serial number quoted is in fact my box.  However, I have neither had my box replaced nor cancelled my TV subscription. 

Presently my box is working perfectly.  After being upgraded to your basic fibre deal I have had an ongoing connection problem whereby I was sent a router, which has come with it's own returns bag.  As far as TV goes I have had no problem though I did recently cancel a booster package.  My latest itemised bill still shows the TV box as part of my package.  As I cannot contact your returns dept directly I look to you to solve this problem.  It has become apparent from reading previous posts that your Returns Dept leaves a lot to be desired!  I thank you in anticipation.


Enlightened One
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Thank you sir.  Having read about the young lady who was charged £50 in spite of returning the article and the general reputation of the Returns Dept, I thought it best to attack the problem on two fronts!  Chris from Fibre and your good self from Billing.  The returns bag came in the same parcel as the new router - but the email requested my TV Box!


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Hi @Ribbleman


Apologies I will take care of this for you, you will not be charged, the emails are automated and triggered by the returns bag being sent. 


Sorry for any confusion. 



Enlightened One
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Hopefully before I'm charged the £50!  Has, as happened to some people.


Community Star
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@Ribbleman, you received replies from staff about this here, yesterday:


It is being dealt with, but no doubt the returns department will be slow to update its records accordingly. 


No need to start a new thread.

Gliwmaeden2, a fellow customer.